Jacie (jacie3) wrote,

New Friends Welcome

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I have a mostly open friending policy and new friends are welcome, however, I do not get notifications when someone has friended this journal (even though I should be according to my settings!). If you've friended this journal and I haven't friended you back, please feel free to comment here to say hi.

If you're looking for my personal journal on LJ, it is solariana.
If you want to chat, please friend my personal journal. That's the one I use to read and comment.

You can also find me at DW:
Personal journal on DW: jacieleigh
Fanfic journal on DW: jacie

You can also find me on AO3:
Jacie https://archiveofourown.org/users/Jacie

Most of my NCIS slash and some PopSlash stories are available at AO3.
If there are any PopSlash stories you would like to see on AO3, please let me know!
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