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I managed to complete 10 stories this year! Wow! The last time I completed 10 stories in a year was 2014 - so 5 years ago. Although, I actually wrote more words in 2018's three stories.

3 stories in 2018 - 167,178 words
10 stories in 2019 - 94,781 words

I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to rose_malmaison for all her beta help this year. My stories are always greatly improved by her input and typo-catching.

I also want to thank red_pink_dots who created the artwork for Winning Bid, as well as for my 2019 Big Bang story, Holding On.

Many thanks also go to sexycazzy who created the artwork for Unsettled.

NCIS Non-Challenge stories 3 stories:
Second Chances On AO3 4447 WC
One thing I noticed years ago I noticed that Delilah had the same surname as Shannon - Fielding. I wondered if the series would ever connect those families, so I waited. And waited...and waited. They still haven't, so I decided to take a stab at it. It was mostly written in 2018 as it was posted on 1 Jan 2019, but I go by posting date, so there you go.

Piano Man On AO3 1806 WC
Like Unsettled, this was an unfinished bunny from a few years ago. This was started in 2016, but where it was going hadn't really gelled. I got on a kick where I wanted to clear out some of my bunnies, especially the older ones. Usually, the older a bunny gets, the less likely it is that I'll finish it. I decided to cut this one quite a bit shorter than the original thought. Several people commented that the team was too intrusive and should give Tony and Gibbs their space.

Piano Man II On AO3 1892 WC
This came about because of the people who complained about Piano Man, where they felt the team was too intrusive. So in this one, I gave Tony and Gibbs some alone time where the team wasn't all in their space all the time. And of course, now people are complaining that Tony should continue to share his talent with the team. Can't win for losing here. There are no intentions for a Piano Man III! LOL

NCIS Red Pink Dot's Artwork Prompts Challenge 1 story:
Winning Bid On AO3 5686 WC
For this one, I really fell in love with the image created by red_pink_dots. Then cutsycat commented about auctioning Tony off for a date. I mentioned a secret bid auction would be cool so Tony wouldn't know that Gibbs had the winning bid. cutsycat then suggested I write the story. This is the result.

NCIS Big Bang 2 stories:
Holding On On AO3 43276 WC
In October 2018, while I was doing final edits on Visions, this old Ambrosia song Holdin' On to Yesterday popped into my head and I started getting images of Lonely!Tony standing on a beach thinking about his lost love. I kept mulling over the scenario and that grew into the thought that Tony and Gibbs were together before Gibbs lost his memory and left for Mexico. I decided that would be my Big Bang story for 2019. I was a good way into the story before I thought of an interesting twist! I'm always excited when I think of interesting twists. This story is mostly focused on Tony and is also a cross-over with NCIS: New Orleans, although only Pride and LaSalle who are both minor characters in this. This may also be the only story I've written that includes Reeves. I messed around with the series timeline quite a bit in this one. I tried to follow it a bit, but in removing Tony from the team early, I ended up bringing the others into the story early as well. This story also includes Torres and Bishop.
I was really excited when red_pink_dots claimed as I love her artwork, but we hadn't worked together before on either a Reverse Bang or Big Bang challenge. I appreciated that she asked for my thoughts and what my vision was. And of course, the image I'd had since the song was stuck in my head was of Lonely!Tony standing on a beach thinking about his lost love. She did an amazing job capturing that scene. I was really proud of this one, but sad that it didn't get many kudos compared to other stories. I always find it weird when my favorite stories don't do well, but I suppose I have to expect that my tastes simply don't match up with other peoples'. Although, like Whisper In The Wind, this one has received some very nice comments.

Unsettled On AO3 10,412 WC
For the first time since 2016, I completed two stories for the NCIS Big Bang/Multi-Bang challenge. Back in 2013 naemi beta'd my first NCIS Big Bang story, Playing Those Mind Games Forever and has beta'd many other stories as well. I really wanted to write her a thank you story. I started writing this back in 2014. However, I got busy with other stuff and it sat at around 2500 words for years. I finally picked it up this year, dusted it off and finished it. It's certainly shorter than originally intended, but I think it turned out okay. naemi loves Tortured!Tim, so the thought was he'd be held captive and tortured for several months to a year, but that was greatly shortened. This is a Tony/Tim story and I am glad I finally got it done. Many thanks to sexycazzy for claiming this one an creating the wonderful art for it!

NCIS SeSa 1 story:
Operation Black Cat On AO3 20,951 WC
This year, I drew cutsycat. I love getting cutsycat because I know she likes cats and I enjoy creating and writing feline characters. As soon as I saw my assignment, I was determined to include a cat, then went through her other prompts to see what else I could include. I generally do not write Kort, but cutsycat asked for Kort as knowing Tony from their youth. I figured out how to work that into an undercover scenario. As I was using Kort, I decided to choose a timeframe when he was in the series and chose the timeframe that included Tony working undercover and dating Jeanne. From the beginning, I couldn't decide whether to call the cat Ninja Kitty or Pip. But since he snuck into Tony's car, I knew Tony wouldn't know his name unless the cat had it on a collar. So, Pip was uncollared and Tony called him Ninja Kitty until he found out his name was really Pip. Pip was quite an interesting character to work with and he was quite taken both with Tony and with Kate the goldfish. I'm really happy with how this one turned out!

Happy Holidays Challenge 3 stories:
Traditions On AO3 2413 WC
I knew I was traveling around Thanksgiving, and I was determined to get my SeSa done. Fortunately, I did get my SeSa story completed before Thanksgiving. My favorite Happy Holidays theme is the one-horse open sleigh/carriage theme. I love horses and the image of a horse pulling something through the snow and wearing bells on its harness is always a pleasant one for me. While I was traveling, my brother and SiL were originally going to put me up, then decided to send me to a motel. While at the motel at night, I had time to write, and this story happened. I actually had to write it out longhand on a piece of paper. When I got home, it seemed to take forever to get it typed into the computer, but I got it done in time to post it on December 1.

Christmas In Stillwater On AO3 2519 WC
geminiangel64 had completed all 24 themes for the Happy Holidays Challenge. I also found out that she'd intended to sign up for this year's Secret Santa challenge (SeSa), but didn't. I wanted to make sure she had a story for Christmas, so this happened. I thought she'd like a nice piece of homestyle Christmas fluff. I included Jackson because he always seems so welcoming.

In Another World On AO3 1379 WC
cutsycat also completed all 24 themes for the Happy Holidays Challenge, so I wanted to write a little something for her as a thank you. She'd made a Holiday Wish for a story with Kort, so once again, I made a stab at a Kort story. So this is an alternate take on the whole Tali fiasco, now that Zahar has come to light.

Many thanks to everyone who read, left comments and kudos this year. It's far more fun to write when you know people are enjoying and appreciating your work. I'm glad that I knocked out a couple of my old bunnies - Undercover Bunny (Unsettled) and Musician Bunny (Piano Man and Piano Man II). I'll have to say that Operation Black Cat is my favorite happy story of the year and Holding On is my favorite hurt/comfort, emotional roller-coaster story of the year.

Many thanks again to my wonderful beta and artists.

Also many thanks to everyone who participated in the challenges and communities. Fandom is so much more fun with participation and people to chat with!

Annual reminder that jacie3 on LJ and jacie on DW are archives for my fan fiction. If you want to keep up and chat on a personal level, please friend my personal journal, solariana on LJ (which is mostly locked) and jacieleigh on DW. As slow as LJ and DW have been, I'm always looking for more people to chat with!

As far as new writing plans for 2020, I hope to finally complete another bunny or two. I am currently working on knocking out Plane Bunny (Lost At Sea), which is still a WIP and is being posted to encourage my Muse to get it done. I also intend to sign up for the 2019 NCIS Big Bang and SeSa again. I signed up for the Reverse Bang, but didn't make a claim as I have some RL issues that really need to be tended to in the next month or two. I have a lot of non-fandom work ahead of me.

Once again, I failed to add any more of my PopSlash stories to AO3. If anyone has any favorites they'd like to see posted at AO3, please let me know. I'm happy to add things, but there's so much and I never know where to start!

My 2019 Stories (for reference):
70) 01/01/2019 Second Chances On AO3
71) 07/14/2019 Winning Bid On AO3 written for Red Pink Dots Artwork Prompts Challenge
72) 08/14/2019 Holding On On AO3 written for the 2019 Big Bang Challenge hosted at ncis_bang
73) 08/15/2019 Unsettled On AO3 written for the 2019 Big Bang Challenge hosted at ncis_bang
74) 09/07/2019 Piano Man On AO3
75) 09/21/2019 Piano Man II On AO3
76) 11/17/2019 Operation Black Cat on AO3 written for the 2019 NCIS Secret Santa at ncis_sesa
77) 11/30/2019 Traditions on AO3 written for the Happy Holidays Challenge hosted at ncis_discuss
78) 12/24/2019 Christmas In Stillwater on AO3 written for the Happy Holidays Challenge hosted at ncis_discuss
79) 12/24/2019 In Another World on AO3 written for the Happy Holidays Challenge hosted at ncis_discuss
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