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I managed to complete 11 stories this year! Wow! That's even more than last year! But I still didn't write as many words as 2018.

By comparison:
3 stories in 2018 - 167,178 words
10 stories in 2019 - 94,781 words
11 stories in 2020 - 120,030 words

I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to rose_malmaison and naemi for all their beta help this year on my Big Bang stories. My stories are always greatly improved by their input and typo-catching.

Many thanks to jane_x80 for the beta on my SeSa (Secret Santa) story this year. I drew Rose again, who is my regular beta. So I had to use some misdirect and trickery to throw Rose off the scent. I appreciate Jane helping me whip my SeSa into shape.

Many thanks again to rose_malmaison for doing the beta on the backup SeSa story I wrote and also for allowing me to use her unclaimed artwork from 2019 for The Right Choice.

I'd also like to thank hinky_hippo, banbury and solariana for creating artwork for my Big Bang stories this year.

And also many thanks to all my other fandom friends, chat buddies and those who read and comment on my stories. I would still write without it, but having people enjoying my work always puts a smile on my face!

NCIS Non-Challenge stories 2 stories:

Lost At Sea on AO3 13,110 words
So this story, this was a bunny from early 2014. I was thinking more Tom Hanks Castaway. However, before I got to writing this, NCIS put out "Twenty Klicks" with McGee and Gibbs being in a helicopter crash and having to survive. It's not the same, but I had my bunny months before that aired. I'll give credit where credit is due, but that episode did not inspire the story at all. However, it did cause me to put the story on the back burner because it was so similar.
Then last year, I decided to dust that little bunny off and work on it. I didn't think much of it, but it turned out to be pretty popular. Not only does it have more hits and more kudos than any other 2020 story of mine, but it also made it to the top 15 this year...ranking 15. Actually, it just tied at 14 with The Christmas Cabin Story. With 255 kudos, it has over 100 more than the next story! If I'd know it was going to be so popular, I would have saved it for the Big Bang Challenge!

The Right Choice on AO3 6391 words
There were a couple (actually three) pieces of artwork that grabbed my eye in the 2019 Reverse Bang Challenge. This was the year that my parents were determined to have dementia, and the whole world was crazy. I was going over to help them out before work, on my breaks and lunch and after work every day. No real time to write. I started writing this one, but never officially claimed the artwork as I was not sure I could finish a story that spring. And I didn't.
After this year's Big Bang, I reached out to Rose_Malmaison, and since the artwork was never claimed, I asked if I could still use it. She said yes, so I got in gear and finished my story. It's not that long, but long enough to qualify as a Reverse Bang story.
Ziva tried to kill Tony, then wanted back on the team. Gibbs had to make some choices. And really, so did Tony.
This turned out to be my second most popular story of the year. Added bonus that I got to use Rose's amazing artwork! Of course, it doesn't really count as a Reverse Bang story because it took me a year and a half to write it, but glad to wrap it up!

NCIS Big Bang Challenge (BB) 3 stories:

The maximum number of stories you can write for the Big Bang Challenge is three. No one has ever done three before. Two, yes, three, no. I didn't plan to write three...it just sort of happened. And...it was fun once, but I don't think I'll be doing this again!

Whose Life Is It Anyway? On AO3 29,764 words
I usually have an idea for my BB story in April when I sign up each year. Not so much this year. At the end of May, I had no clue. Then I watched the remake of Overboard. I'd avoided it for years because I loved the original, and I had little hope the remake would be all that good. It was okay. Not as good as the original, but okay. They did a twist in the roles, which was interesting.
So Muse decided it would be a good idea to write an NCIS story inspired by Overboard. Not a remake of either movie, but the general gist where Tony and his wealthy father don't pay Gibbs for some carpentry work. Circumstances put amnesiac Tony in Gibbs' arms to rescue. And get his money out in trade from Tony working around his house. Me, I thought it was the stupidest idea EVER and did not want to write it. I even complained to Rose about how MUSE wouldn't let it go. And Rose basically said, it sounded like a fun story and that I should indulge Muse and write it. So I did. And it turned out so much better than I thought it would. Usually, my stories seem so much better in my head, but this one, much better written out.
Sadly, no one claimed the summary, so I wound up eventually self-claiming it and doing my own artwork. That came out pretty okay, too!
Beta'd by Rose_Malmaison, artwork by me.

Night Kill on AO3 7476 words
Once Whose Life Is It Anyway? was done, I was thinking about a couple of artists who had asked for "more case fics" to claim. So, I challenge Muse to come up with a case fic. My original plan was to have three murders before the guy was caught, but I wound up only having the two murders. If I'd done all three, it would have been a Mini-Bang, but with only two murders, it was only a Micro-Bang. But that still counts! It's just a little sad creating all these characters, then killing them off.
So yeah, it's a case fic.
Beta'd by Naemi, artwork by Hinky_Hippo.

Riding For Miles on AO3 25,601 words
The real reason Night Kill was cut short is more along the lines was that Muse and I both agreed that we wanted to write a horsey Gibbs/Tony story. I had a horse years ago. After he died, I just couldn't afford to replace him. I ride when I can, but trail rides are not usually all that exciting for an experienced rider. So, I've been thinking about taking lessons again, before I'm too old to enjoy riding a horse. I was thinking about writing a story around a lesson stable but wanted a way to tie it into NCIS as well. Then I got to thinking about mounted police! Tony was a cop, so why not a mounted cop? And how does he meet Gibbs? Well, Gibbs can be working undercover at the stable!
This one was so much fun to write. I not only got to dabble around creating some original characters but also a bunch of horses, too! YAY! And it's my 3rd most popular story of the year.
Beta'd by Rose_Malmaison, artwork by Banbury.

NCIS Secret Santa Challenge (SeSa) 2 stories:

the experiment on AO3 23,484 words
What is more anxiety inducing that getting your SeSa (Secret Santa) assignment, than seeing you've drawn your regular beta...again. Woe!
I did it before, so I was confident. I took a deep breath, then looked at her list of requests and read over her Dear Santa letter. I approached writing my SeSa story differently this year. I highlighted everything from her requests and letter than I thought I *could* write. Even if it was just part of a request, I highlighted it. Then I read over that list a few times, and let Muse mull it all over for about a week. Ideas came to me and I did something else I really never ever do. I planned this story out. Normally, I just start writing and the story goes where it goes. I get a *feel* when I get to the end. Usually, I don't even know where a story is going, it just falls into place. But this one, I planned out six chapters, titled them and gave them each a 1-2 sentence summary. Then I wrote one chapter a week for six weeks. Set it aside for a week, proofed it, sent it off to the beta, then edited it and loaded it. All good! During the editing process, I did further split it into ten chapters, but that's because people seem to identify my page breaks, so I didn't want to use those. I made new chapters instead. I seem to have fooled Rose, but not the Master SeSa Guesser, RPD. Yep, she still knew it was mine.
So anyway, Sr sells Tony out. Tony is missing, Gibbs has to find him. Tony was slightly altered by some drugs he was given, so his mind isn't quite right when he comes back. Rose and I talk enough about stuff that I knew some things she'd like to see. *G*
Beta'd by Jane_X80

Turn Around, Bright Eyes on AO3 6183 words
I'm a soft heart sometimes. In the seven years I've run the NCIS SeSa challenge, only one person ever dropped out. Twice. Both times after asking for an extension. And I was stupid enough to allow her to sign up again. I really, truly wanted to see her complete the challenge, but it was not to be. No email. No notice she was dropping. She just never loaded a story. Gee thanks. Again. As a Mod, I'll forgive people almost anything if THEY stay in touch and communicate. It's super irritating when people go MIA and say nothing, because then you have NO IDEA if they're going to complete the challenge or not. When she didn't reach out or post a story by the due date, I got to writing. I whipped this out in less than 24 hours and sent it off to Rose to be beta'd.
A quick little holiday story with Gibbs, Tony and Jackson, all warm fuzzies and all. Merry Christmas. Glad I was able to churn it out and that it was the most popular of all the SeSa stories before the author reveal. That means a lot to me! That alone gave me warm fuzzies!
Beta'd by Jane_X80

NCIS Happy Holidays Challenge (HHC) 4 stories:

Then we get into the Happy Holidays Challenge, which is the December holidays challenge. I didn't manage any theme stories this year. But the other part of the challenge is where people leave their *holiday wishes*, and other people can respond by creating a *stocking stuffer* for them. Aside from myself, there were only three other people who posted holiday wishes this year.

The Path… On LJ or on AO3 3355 words
I started with Cutsycat, because she always manages to write all 24 themes each year, which is so amazing! And I also know I can write something with a kitty cat and we'll both be happy.
So I wrote this one, which is mostly quite Tony-centric before we even get to the cat. I wrote this over Friday night and early Saturday morning.

The Path Continued… On LJ or on AO3 922 words
Then Saturday night, Muse was nagging me about doing a follow-up because The Path… is just begging for a follow-up. So this happened. And the next day, artwork happened. So Cutsycat got two stories and a piece of artwork for her prompt. A threefer!

Spa Treatment On LJ or on AO3 821 words
Germankitty didn't ask for much other than Tony/Tim. I walk on my work breaks and came up with this on one of my walks. I'm sure it was much funnier in my head than written down. Plus, I'm usually a visual writer, meaning, I see the stories or scenes in my head like a movie, then I put them into words. Maybe it's just funnier with the visual? Anyway, I was working some OT and had a lot of appointments, so I didn't even have a chance to write this down for a day or two. I think I remembered enough of the bits I wanted to.
Tony and Tim walk into a nail place only to find someone they know already there.

First Christmas Together On LJ or on AO3 2923 words
Then we come to my final story. I'm sure this was written in a day or so as well. This is for StarbucksSue's request. Also really cool that I found out she was my SeSa author and wrote me a fantastic SeSa story that I love! So it was nice to fulfill one of her requests as well.
I chose her request for pre-series Tony having to spend Christmas with Gibbs preferably with Tony suffering from illness or injury. Muse made Tony get hit by a car. Yep, all Muses fault! And Gibbs got the call to come to the hospital, then take Tony home for Christmas. Basically a little fun holiday fluff!

NCIS Artwork 2 banners:

Big Bang Challenge - Artwork for Whose Life Is It Anyway?

This one does have an end banner, plus chapter headers. They're all posted with the story on AO3 if anyone is interested in seeing them.

ZZZ DONE - Banner for BB1 2020 COMPLETED Final in layers - - JPEG COPY.jpg

Happy Holidays Challenge - Artwork for The Path… and The Path Continued… for Cutsycat

The Path Artwork - Flat banner jpg image.jpg

Many thanks again to my wonderful beta and artists.

Also many thanks to everyone who participated in the challenges and communities. Fandom is so much more fun with participation and people to chat with!

Annual reminder that jacie3 on LJ and jacie on DW are archives for my fanfiction. If you want to keep up and chat on a personal level, please friend my personal journal, solariana on LJ (which is mostly locked) and jacieleigh on DW. As slow as LJ and DW have been, I'm always looking for more people to chat with! If you're looking for me on AO3, I'm there as "Jacie".

As far as new writing plans for 2021, I'm down to one WIP bunny. I'd love to wrap that up. I suspect I will write for the BB and SeSa again. I have signed up for the Reverse Bang, but not sure I'll claim anything.

I've also been dabbling in artwork, so you may see more artwork from me in 2021! *G*

Once again, I failed to add any more of my PopSlash stories to AO3. If anyone has any favorites they'd like to see posted at AO3, please let me know. I'm happy to add things, but there's so much and I never know where to start! I'm really determined to start adding more of my PopSlash to AO3. I never wanted to have more PopSlash than NCIS Slash as that is my current fandom, however, I'm getting pretty darn close, especially by adding in my artwork.

My 2020 Stories (for reference):
80) 01/19/2020 Lost At Sea on AO3
81) 06/13/2020 Whose Life Is It Anyway? On AO3 - written for the 2020 Big Bang Challenge hosted at ncis_bang
82) 07/14/2020 Night Kill on AO3 - written for the 2020 Big Bang Challenge hosted at ncis_bang
83) 08/07/2020 Riding For Miles on AO3- written for the 2020 Big Bang Challenge hosted at ncis_bang
84) 10/31/2020 The Right Choice on AO3
85) 12/06/2020 the experiment on AO3 written for the 2020 NCIS Secret Santa at ncis_sesa
86) 12/15/2020 Turn Around, Bright Eyes on AO3 written for the 2020 NCIS Secret Santa at ncis_sesa
87) 12/19/2019 The Path… On LJ or on AO3 written for the Happy Holidays Challenge hosted at ncis_discuss
88) 12/19/2019 The Path Continued… On LJ or on AO3 written for the Happy Holidays Challenge hosted at ncis_discuss
89) 12/22/2019 Spa Treatment On LJ or on AO3 written for the Happy Holidays Challenge hosted at ncis_discuss
90) 12/27/2019 First Christmas Together On LJ or on AO3 written for the Happy Holidays Challenge hosted at ncis_discuss

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