Jacie (jacie3) wrote,

Investment: Chapters 4-6

© 2003, 2008 by Jacie
Pairings: Multiple pairings, includes: Chris/Joey, Chris/JC, JC/Justin, Justin/Nick
Summary: The guys work in a bank. Lance is shy. Justin isn’t.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 18,000 words, 13 Chapters
Chapters: 1-3

Don’t know them. It’s not true. I made it all up.

WARNINGS: This is a dark fiction, which includes physical violence and rape.

NOTES: Inspired by Disintegration by Jai


Chris and Joey had worked out a schedule where they each drove for a full week. It was easier to keep track of who’s turn it was. They still marked it on the calendar. They invited JC to join the rotation.

The trio moved into the three bedroom unit as soon as it was available, about two weeks after JC moved in with them. Chris still insisted on getting the master bedroom, since he was the oldest. The other perk was the private master bathroom. Joey took the next largest room, leaving JC with the smallest one. He said it didn’t matter.

All in all things worked out well. JC liked to clean, so he did. He cleaned the bathrooms, including Chris’ master bath and the half-bath on the main floor, and kept everything clean and vacuumed. They fell into a nice routine. Chris and Joey still brought home girls. JC occasionally brought home a guy. Sometimes, Chris led JC into his bedroom. Sometimes, if Joey and Chris both struck out, Joey followed Chris into his bedroom. And stayed there. Sometimes they all got drunk and played made-up card games, which included drinking, kissing and blow jobs amongst other things. They called them the roommate games. They all enjoyed playing.

JC had no interest in sports, but during the sports season, while Chris and Joey were transfixed by the television, JC liked to kneel on the floor between them, unzip their pants and suck one for a minute or two, then the other, back and forth until they came. Sometimes they made it a game. JC could only suck until one of them came. The other one had to finish with his hand. JC secretly liked it best when Chris came when his team scored. JC found the intensity of those orgasms quite delightful. Sometimes they would bet on who would come first. It made living together interesting. And fun.

JC admitted that he loved giving head so much that he sometimes picked up men in gay bars, offering to blow them in the bathroom. JC said at least that way he didn’t have to worry about those awkward moments the next morning, when you wake up next to a total stranger. That you just had sex with. He knew from vast experience that club people looked a lot sexier in the bars at night, than they did in his bed the morning after. When he saw them in the daylight, he couldn’t believe he had been horny enough to bring some of them home.

Sometimes they got drunk and JC would wax poetic about the perfect man. Tall. Blond. Pretty eyes. Able to dance. JC loved to dance. Loved dragging Chris and Joey to dance clubs. Especially gay dance clubs. And JC’s perfect man would be sweet. A hopeless romantic. Like JC. JC always sighed after disclosing this revelation and was extremely horny. So Chris didn’t mind. Even though he wasn’t tall or blond. He had been told his eyes were pretty. And he did like to dance. He didn’t think two for four was all that bad. As long as he still got to play with JC, he could deal with about anything.

Two years later, they were all still single and still living together. They showed up one morning to find they had a new co-worker. Their boss called Chris into his office. “Chris this is Lance. Lance, Chris is one of our best. He’ll be training you.”

Chris eyed the man before him. Young. Tan suit. Some weird country styled plaid shirt. Hmmm. Nice blond hair. And. Oh. Oh so green, green eyes. Chris tried to suppress his gasp. He was suddenly hard. Again. It was getting impossible to work here anymore. Chris motioned for Lance to exit the office, when their boss called Chris back.

“Don’t push this kid the wrong way, Chris. He’s a certified genius. Only twenty and already graduated from college, with a four-point-o average. He’s smart. Really smart. He’ll probably be running this place in five years.”

“Yeah,” Chris agreed, “that’s smart.”

Lance pulled up a chair to Chris’ desk and spent almost as much time as Chris did watching JC suck on candy canes and pens. An hour later, Chris excused himself to go to the bathroom. JC followed him a short time later. Chris had come to enjoy receiving a blow job from JC right after JC had anything minty in his mouth. Even thinking of the sensation made Chris salivate. And JC knew it. Good thing for Chris, JC loved giving head.

Lance was attentive. Most of the time. Except when he was distracted by JC, which was pretty often, since Lance had the desk right across the aisle from JC. Every time JC caught Lance looking at him, he gave the young blond a wink. Lance always blushed. When Lance stammered near JC, JC merely smiled. Most people in the bank stammered around JC. Chris and Joey had finally gotten over it. They learned JC was quite aware of the affect he had on people. And that it amused him greatly.

Every year the president of the bank hosted a holiday party at his mansion. Lance had managed to stammer out a question to JC, asking if he was going to attend. Lance had intended to head home to Mississippi for the holidays, but postponed his trip when he found out JC was going to be at the party. After the early party at the boss’ house, the younger employees usually headed out to a club. About half of them stopped by their homes to change their clothes.

Chris, Joey and JC all spent the majority of their time out on the dance floor. With women. JC still liked dancing with girls, even if he didn’t care to date them. JC had changed into tight leather pants and a skin tight button up shirt. Lance couldn’t peel his eyes away from watching the way JC moved on the dance floor. Even the girls noticed. Some of the women tried to coax Lance onto the dance floor, but he turned them all down, insisting he had two left feet.

By the end of the night, he was too drunk to drive home. Chris took his keys. When Lance passed out in the backseat of Chris’ car before divulging his address, they decided to take him home.

In the morning, Lance woke up in strange surroundings. Someone else’s bedroom. Closing his eyes, he inhaled. His eyes opened in an instant. He knew that smell. JC. Lance’s eye’s darted around the room. Then looked across the bed. There was no sign that anyone else had been with him. After mumbling, ‘Oh God’, he ran his hands across his face.

The door opened. JC.

“You hungry? Joey’s cooking breakfast. The shower is down the hall with plenty of clean towels if you want to wash up. Feel free to use my robe. I think the food will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

As JC left, Lance wondered if he had noticed the tenting of the sheets above Lance’s crotch. He had gotten hard just smelling JC’s cologne. Lance bent his head up and looked. No way JC had missed that. Suddenly a shower sounded like a really good idea. He shivered when he slipped off his underwear and wrapped himself in JC’s robe.

After the shower, Lance felt somewhat refreshed. And relieved. He dressed quickly and joined Chris and JC at the table as Joey was frying up French Toast. Lance’s favorite.

Turning to JC, he mentioned, “Thanks. For the use of your bed. Um. I would have slept on the couch. You didn’t have to.”

JC waved him off. “You’re welcome and I didn’t. I slept in Chris’ room.”

Lance felt his heart skip a beat. He was pretty sure JC was at least bi and had assumed such a gorgeous man had to have either a girlfriend or boyfriend. But Chris?

“Earth to Lance. Earth to Lance.”

“Oh. What?”

“French Toast?” Joey offered.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Lance kept his eyes on his plate the rest of the meal. He was afraid he’d cry if he looked at Chris and JC. Together.

The other three just assumed Lance was hungover. He was normally a fairly quiet guy at the bank. The women all thought he was a quiet, yet charming, southern gentleman.


Lance continued to pine after JC, but was too shy to admit his feelings.

When Lance tagged along to the bar the night a few of the employees were celebrating Cinco De Mayo, he sat next to Joey, while Chris and JC danced with girls on the dance floor. Lance watched JC. That man could move like he was born to dance. Lance secretly thought JC must have been a belly dancer in his past life. Except that Lance didn’t believe in past lives.

Then he noticed that Chris’ hands were roaming all over the girl he was dancing with. And JC was. JC was smiling about it. Lance’s brows furrowed in confusion.

Joey was working on his fourth beer, but still noticed that Lance was quieter than usual. “What’s up, Lance? First time you’re drinking legally, you’re at a party and you don’t look like you’re in a partying mood even.”

“Did Chris and JC break up or something?”

Joey choked on his beer. “Well, that would be kind of difficult considering they’ve never dated.”

“But that night I stayed at your townhouse. In JC’s room. And JC stayed with Chris. I thought they were together.”

“No,” Joey chuckled. “We. I guess we could have put you on the couch, but thought you’d be more comfortable in a bed and JC offered. I was too drunk that night, but they talked about it and decided JC would give you his bed and he’d stay with Chris. Chris’ bed is bigger anyway and they figured you would totally freak out if you woke up in bed with me or Chris or JC, so they shared. Not a big deal. Not dating. JC isn’t really into the commitment thing anyway. I mean he dates, but he’s not exclusive. Not since I’ve known him. And that’s been almost three years.”

“Oh.” Lance dropped his eyes to stare into his beer bottle.

Joey patted him on the back. “Don’t sweat it Lance. Everyone has the hots for JC. Male, female, gay, straight or bi. Everyone just gets sucked in to the sexiness that is JC.”

That put a smile on Lance’s face. Briefly.

He had been pining over JC for months, but couldn’t tell if JC went for men, women or both. Then he thought JC and Chris were in a relationship and he just did not get that. JC clearly oozed something that attracted everyone like bees to a flower, but Chris? Chris? Lance didn’t get it then. Didn’t get it now. What was attractive about Chris? Now he was staring at Chris.

Joey leaned close to Lance. “Oh, you’re attracted to Chris!”

Lance looked at Joey. “I am not attracted to Chris. He’s short. He’s dumpy. He plays way too much.”

“You’re missing all his good qualities. Gorgeous, penetrating eyes. That fine Kirkpatrick ass. And he’s a hell of a nice and fun guy. Best friend I’ve ever had. Heck, I swear, if I were gay, I’d be all over that. In a heartbeat. Chris is amazing. Maybe not as amazing as JC, but pretty close. What are you doing checking out the boys anyway?”

Lance mumbled something.

“What was that?”

“I’m gay.”

Joey raised his eyebrows, suitably surprised. “Hmmm. I guess I should have known JC wasn’t the only one. You’re just not nearly as. Um. Flamboyant. As he is. I mean, you could pass for straight. Easy.”

“I’m from Mississippi, Joey. It’s so not cool to be gay there. My parents aren’t happy at all about it. That’s why I moved up here. To get away from the hate and my parents.”

“They can’t deal with it?”

“Oh, they said they still loved me. But they keep trying to *fix* me. They’ve taken me to more doctors, pastors and psychiatrists than I care to count. It was a blessing to me that I was smart enough to get into college a year early. Then I always took a full load and took courses over the summer, so I graduated in three years instead of four.”

“Yeah, they said you were some kind of a whiz kid.”

“Some kind of gay whiz kid.”

“So how many boyfriends have you had?”

A tear came to Lance’s eye and he quickly brushed it away.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

“No. It’s okay. Not your fault,” Lance sniffled. “When I was in high school, some of the kids suspected I was. Because I never dated girls. Never looked at girls and some of them swore they caught me checking out the guys. So they. They set me up. They had this one kid come on to me. He said he was having feelings that he wanted to explore. He asked me all these questions. I thought he was being so honest, so I told him everything. Everything.” Lance paused to drink his beer and wipe away another tear. “So he suggested that we meet at his house one day when his parents weren’t home. He said we could learn together. So I went over there and we took our shirts off. When I tried to kiss him, he pushed me away. Then these other guys jumped out of his closet and they all beat me. Then they hauled me out to this one guy’s car and they said they were going to ‘dump the trash’. They threw me in the trunk, then drove to the landfill and tossed me out. They had broken my arm. I wasn’t found for hours.”

“I’m sorry, Lance.” Joey wrapped an arm around Lance’s shoulders. “I hate that some people are so mean. It’s horrible.”

“They could have killed me. Then in college, I fell for the same thing again. I’m supposed to be so smart, but I fell for it again. This frat boy, he was so cute, he was kind of flirting with me and he asked me out. We went out, he took me to dinner, then he drove to a motel. I told him I didn’t think I was ready for anything more than maybe kissing. Then he said I didn’t have to do anything. He just wanted to be alone with me and talk or watch television. No pressure, he said. Then we got into the room and it was still dark and he asked if I wanted to kiss him. So I did. Then all the lights came on and all these drunken frat boys started laughing and throwing stuff on me, like paint and eggs and shit. Then they beat me. They left me in the motel beaten unconscious. The maid found me. Some of them got busted. The motel called the cops and gave over the information they had on the guy who rented the room. And this cop that was questioning me. He asked if I was a hooker. He didn’t believe I was in college. Said I looked too young to be a college student. That I looked more like a runaway turned hooker.”

“Damn. And I thought I had some bad dates.”

“After that I was so scared. So, to answer your question, I’ve really had no boyfriends. I was hoping I could. Here. Maybe. And I liked JC, but I figured he had a boyfriend.”

“Or twelve. He was in a relationship that went bad, so he’s turned into a commitment-phobic. He dates a lot of guys and rarely brings one home more than once or twice. He says he’s young and just having fun.”

“I really want a commitment. I don’t want to keep getting hurt. It’s just easier to deal with one person.”

“Different strokes for different folks.”

“You’re pretty nice. For a straight guy.”

“Who said I was straight?” Joey laughed.

“I just thought you were. I’ve seen you with girls.”

“I don’t mind fooling around with guys, but I don’t think I could ever have a boyfriend. I have girlfriends. Guys are just like, fuck buddies, when you want to get laid, but don’t want to have to deal with some chick’s shit.”

Now it was Lance’s turn to be surprised. “You’ve been with JC and Chris?”

“Been with Chris. Definitely. But JC. He just loves to give blow jobs. So he offers. I accept. Nice little roommate perk. Why? You want to learn a little? I think I could spend some time with you. With a little friendly persuasion.”

Lance blushed.

Joey leaned closer. “I’m not offering any commitment. I won’t be your boyfriend. But if you need a partner to experiment with, so you know what you’re doing when you find the man of your dreams, I’d be happy to. Um. Help. Yeah. I’d be happy to lend you a hand. Or a tongue. Or a dick. Whatever you need. Just, no commitment.”

“I don’t know.”

“Open offer. You don’t have to answer me now. Just. If you ever need it, you can call me. Or if you just need to talk. Or if you just need someone to hang out with. Or a place to hang out. Call me. You’re a good guy, Lance. I’d be proud to call you my friend. Or fuck buddy. Whatever.”

It was JC’s night to be the designated driver. He didn’t argue when Chris took Lance’s keys once more, insisting he was too drunk to drive himself home. Although he was also drunk, Joey helped Lance into the townhouse and upstairs, into his bedroom and into his bed. Chris followed them into Joey’s room, helping to pull off Lance’s shoes and socks, then tugging at his pants.

Joey slapped Chris’ hand. “Get your own fuck toy. This one is mine.”

Chris nearly rolled on the floor with laughter.

“Chris, really, go. Lance and I. We need to talk.”

They were too drunk to do too much even if they had wanted to, but Joey did managed to pull Lance into an embrace and give him a few lessons in kissing.

Lance enjoyed his sessions with Joey, but was always disappointed when Joey brought home a woman. He was almost distressed when Joey announced that he was dating one of them exclusively. Tanya. Lance hated her before they even met. Then Chris announced that he had a steady girlfriend. Josie. He even thought it was cute when Josie showed up at their door with three kittens, giving one to Chris, one to Joey and one to JC. She hadn’t asked if it was cool. She just thought it would be funny to show up on Chris’ doorstep as Josie and the pussycats. Chris had laughed appreciatively and accepted the cats. He named his Josie, which Lance thought was almost as ditzy as this girl dropping three cats into their laps without even asking if it was okay. Pets were a long time commitment. Joey named his cat Bud. JC named his cat Aristotle. Joey ignored his half the time, but Chris was good at feeding them and JC was good about keeping the litter pans cleaned, so it all worked out. The cats were around long after the girlfriend was gone.

Lance began spending a lot of time hanging out with Joey and watching JC flirt with, pick up and then dump a string of guys. Lance sighed. He wanted JC, but long term. He wanted to ask JC out so badly, but he couldn’t bear it if JC dumped him. Lance spent the whole summer trying to work up the nerve to ask JC out. But it never happened. Either JC was gone, or he had a companion with him, or the phone rang, or Lance just chickened out.


One afternoon, Lance followed JC into the copy room at the bank. Lance took a deep breath, determined to ask JC out on a date. He was just standing there, watching JC. After a minute, he walked over, reaching for a stack of envelopes.

“Hey JC,” he began, his voice dropping lower than normal.

“Oh, hi Lance. What’s up?”

“I was wondering.”

“JC! I wanted to ask you. Oh sorry. I thought you were alone.”

Lance turned to see who had interrupted him. A young blond kid. Lance didn’t remember seeing him before.

“It’s fine, Justin. Go ahead.”

“Well, I wanted to ask you. Damn.”

“It’s okay. Ask. Need help with something?”

Justin moved over beside JC and took his hand. Looking into JC’s eyes, Justin lowered his voice to a near whisper. “I wanted to ask you out. On a date. Friday. That movie you said you wanted to see is coming out and I’d like to take you. Dinner too, if you want. So, what do you say?”

“Sure Justin. I’d love to.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up after work. Six-thirty okay? We could catch the seven o’clock show and grab dinner later, when the restaurants aren’t as crowded. And we’ll have time to talk. Okay?”

“Sure.” JC took a minute to scribble down his address and phone number, handing it to Justin. “Here. Call if you get lost. It’s not too far from here.”

“Thanks, JC. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Me too.” JC gathered his stack of forms and copies. “Oh Lance. I forgot you were standing there. Did you need something?”

“Um. No. I guess not.”

Lance was steamed. He’d been working up to this for almost a year and this Justin person swoops in at the last possible second and steals the prize. It just wasn’t fair.

Lance pulled Joey into the handicap bathroom for a private consultation. It only took one heavy shove to Joey’s chest to convince him that Lance really did bring him there just to talk.

“Who is this Justin person?”

“Justin? Tall blond kid?”

“Yeah. Him. What’s his deal? Who is he?”

“Some kid from Tennessee. Nice guy. He works on the teller line and goes to college four nights a week.”

“But obviously not Friday night,” Lance sneered.

Joey grabbed Lance by the shoulders. “I know you’re trying to tell me something, but I’m just not catching it. So, Mr. Whiz Kid, try it again, slowly and with more details.”

“I was in the copy room with JC. I was just about to ask JC out. And this Justin person interrupts us. And he asks JC out. And JC accepted the date. He stole JC from me. I hate him.”

“Kind of like you hate Tanya? Look, Lance, you came to Chicago to get away from people who hated you because you’re gay. Now you turn around and start hating everyone dating any of your friends. You hate Tanya. You hated Josie. You’ve hated every guy you’ve ever seen JC drag home. And now you hate Justin. It’s not his fault he’s attracted to JC or that JC is attracted to him.”

“JC is attracted to him?”

“Yeah. Do you not listen to our dinner conversations when you come over? How JC has been talking about this tall, tanned, blue-eyed blond that he thought was super hot?”

“Justin.” Now the name rang a bell. JC had been rambling on about how wonderful Justin was. Lance usually tuned JC out when he was waxing poetic about another man’s virtues.

“Right. Justin. Don’t worry about it. JC will get over him, just like he has every other guy he’s dragged home.”

When Lance got back to his desk, he watched JC. He had noticed JC had been staring across the bank, but Lance thought it was the new Monet someone had recently purchased that had captured JC’s attention. Now it was clear. JC had been staring at the teller line. JC had been staring at Justin.

On Friday night, Lance had invited himself over to the townhouse. Justin arrived at six-thirty sharp. Actually he had even arrived five minutes early, but he had waited out in his car. Chris had seen him through the window and reported that fact to the others. Lance couldn’t be sure if Justin was trying to work up the nerve to walk to the door or if he had suspected JC was not the type to be ready early.

Justin knocked at the door at six-thirty sharp. Joey answered it, only because he was up getting beer. He just opened the door and said, “Hey Justin. Come in. Make yourself at home.” Then Joey meandered away to get the beer.

Justin was dressed nicely. Dress slacks. Slightly tight. Nearly see-through shirt. Very tight. Showed off every muscle in his chest and abs. The blond stepped inside the house and asked, “Should I close this?”

Chris leapt to his feet. “Excuse our lack of manners, Justin. Bachelors here.” Chris shut the door and waved Justin in. Justin walked inside a couple steps and just stood there looking nervous. And holding a bouquet of flowers.

How cheesy, Lance thought.

Chris offered, “Can I take those for you?”

“They’re for JC.”

Chris laughed, “Well, I didn’t think they were for me. I can go ahead and put them in some water, unless you want to hold them. JC always runs late. You might be holding them for a while.”

“I. We have tickets for the seven ten movie. It’s a fifteen minute drive. He can’t be late. We’re already late. The show is sold out. We should get there as soon as possible. To get seats. Together.”

Chris smiled. The kid’s nervousness was endearing. “I’ll go check on him. Hurry him up for you.”

“Thank you.”

Chris ran upstairs, finding JC, as he predicted, in the bathroom. “Hey. Romeo is here and he’s all bitchy that you won’t get to sit together at the show unless you get your ass in gear.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming.”

“I think he was hoping you’d do that later, sweet stuff.” Chris winked.

“You shit.”

“He brought you flowers. I think he’s sweet on you.”

JC grinned.

“I’ll tell him you’ll be right down. You look good, JC. Good enough to suck like a candy cane. Yummy.”

“Chris! Stop! Just stop!” JC laughed.

“Yummy!” Chris darted away before JC could smack him.

JC came down looking spectacular in leather pants and a sparkly blue shirt.

Justin rose to his feet. “You look great, JC. These. These are for you.” Justin thrust the bouquet at JC.

“Thank you, Justin, they’re beautiful. Just beautiful.” JC stepped forward to take the flowers and cupped Justin’s chin. Justin closed his eyes and kissed JC’s hand. “I’ll put these in water.”

“I’ll take care of that,” Chris said, springing into action, taking the flowers out of JC’s hands. “You two should get going.”

Lance refused to leave. He kept insisting on seeing another movie. They were just starting their fourth video of the night when they thought they heard a car outside. A minute later, JC pushed through the door, followed by Justin.

“I really enjoyed tonight,” JC whispered. “Thank you. Do you want to stay? We could talk in the kitchen if you don’t want to put up with these guys.”

“Sure. I could stay a while.”

When Justin walked in and saw they were watching Lethal Weapon, he plopped down on a couch and declared, “I love this movie.”

He turned down a beer when Joey offered, citing that he was still under twenty-one. Joey and Chris had turned to each other and screamed ‘designated driver’ at the top of their lungs.

Lance wasn’t paying attention to the movie anymore. He was trying to covertly catch glimpses of JC and Justin. They whispered together and snuggled together, holding hands. When the movie ended, Justin declared that he really had to get home. JC had walked him out the door and hadn’t returned for fifteen minutes.

Joey had thrown an arm over Lance’s shoulders and whispered, “They never last.”

But Justin did last. Months later Justin and JC were still going at it hot and heavy. Justin spent more time at JC’s place than at his own apartment. Which Lance hated, because instead of imagining what they were doing, now Lance had to see it up close and personal. All the kissing, the touching, it churned his gut. He hated Justin. Truly hated him. But he still loved JC. Still wanted JC.

CHAPTERS: 7-9 (Friends-Locked to the NC-17 filter due to rape scene. If you'd like to be added to that filter, please comment here.)

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  • NCIS: Conversations

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